Industrial Pipe


TGpro, using advanced and latest German technology, is the sole producer of stainless steel industrial pipe (ASTM A-312) in Thailand and Asia, with the range of 1/2” to 20” (single welding line).

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Heat Exchanger


The intergration of stainless steel durability and special technique on internal bead removal made TGpro's Heat Exchanger Tube

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Sanitary Tube


Stainless steel is widely accepted as the most suitable cost-effective material solutions for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries because of its high corrosion.

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Precision Ice Tube



With continuous research and development, TGpro has successfully established a new production technology for a new type of stainless steel tube product, the Precision Steel Tube.

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Extuba Turbo Tube



Extuba Turbo Tube (New Type of heat exchanger tube , energy saving excellence) With modern technology plus technical basic and advanced idea accumulated by the Company TGpro in the past years , enable TGpro to produce high quality stainless steel tube for heat exchanger.

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Ornamental Tube



The interior and exterior decoration of a building is carefully designed for beauty and durability. Stainless steel ornamental tube can fulfill both requirements. There are widely used as handles of subway and skytrain stations.

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Stainless Steel Pipe decorative Twitter. Tore the old and new design is taking the next step. Stainless pipes for decoration "Twitter" elegant versatile. Guarantee a high quality grade 304 stainless.


Hartsfield 3D



Generally art and advanced technology may sound unmatched. Henceforward, technology has created a new art form by decorating hard and cold steel with artistic imprints.The result is ” Hartsfield ” the convergence of art and innovation

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Furnibest Tube


Furnibest decorative tube is created and designed for modern aesthetic requirement. The unique feature is its thinner wall, which lighten the weight, yet more durable than the ordinary stainless steel tubes

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Stainless Steel Sheet



TGpro stainless steel sheet for decoration has unique qualifications, attractive appearance and durability that is suitable for any kind of environment. It is widely accepted for indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture, kitchenware, refrigerator, etc. Nowadays, the application of stainless steel sheet covers the food industries such as brewery and milk conveyor line.

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Round Flat Angle Bar



Flat, Round Bar , Angle Bar Stainless Steel to be used as components of various types of machinery, motor shaft, kitchen , door, Funiture

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Missspectro Service



Check grade stainless. The stainless steel with tool a monitoring service from us. With portable instruments Not required to work. Examination of their location. Get a quick 3-4 minutes.

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Coil Service Center



TGpro provides services required by customers such as: coil slitting, coil polishing and cutting of coil to sheets for various industries i.e. automotive, cold storage, kitchenware, etc. Coil surfaces available are No. 1, 2B and BA.

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Inspection and Tests



TGpro have to service Inspection and testing services Sainless Steel Grade by Tool Modern Formula Correct and Accurate

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